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What we offer

A clearer path:
Competition scheduling as well as the plan for the process of recruiting can be hectic. We help advise on competition scheduling and outreach strategy based on the goals of our athletes, athletically and academically. 


Catching the eye of coaches:
We help devise a tenacious yet respectful outreach strategy that demonstrates interest but does not overbear the coaches. In addition to this, we help our athletes build a fine resume and presentable footage to showcase their abilities to college coaches.  

Better prepared athlete:
We help prepare our students for meeting with college coaches with interview preparation as well as strategies on how to build a good relationship with the coaches they meet with. 


Academics in check: 
The first word in "student-athlete" is student. Often times, many athletes are very talented athletically but miss out on opportunities due to overlooking academics. We carefully watch athlete academics to make sure they are on track for their goals, and if not, provide them with resources to succeed outside their sport. 

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