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What we offer

Individualized care:
Urban, suburban, or rural type of person? What would you do if you woke up on a Saturday morning with no plans? What kind of school environment do you like the most? These questions are just a small example of how our consultants build a relationship with our students, learning who they are as a person to understand what they want from a college experience. 


A less stressful journey:
By learning all about the students we work with, we can then create a tailored list of schools along with a plan to pursue them. With this plan, we make sure that the student does the right activities and application tasks well in advance, greatly decreasing stress for both the students and families. 

Better prepared student:
We help prepare our students for the college admissions process by bolstering their resume to give them an edge when applying to different schools. We also help with interview preparation so they can demonstrate why they would fit in the school they are interviewing with.   


Proficient essays: 
Because we have identified our student's passions and extracurriculars, we can make sure their personal story and uniqueness is displayed in their writing. We work with them to improve their essays up until it's time to submit applications.

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